Hexbeam Photo Gallery

This gallery shows photographs of the various HexBeam antennas I have constructed over the past couple of years. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide to construction, but rather a potpourri of techniques which may give you some ideas for constructing your own HexBeam.

  • Wire fixings

  • Wire to spacer fixing

  • Centre post Driver fixings

  • Centre post Reflector fixings

  • Centre post wire fixings

  • Preliminary testing

  • Final assembly

  • End spacing attachment

The wire elements were fixed to the centre post using brass angle. The brass is held to the PVC centre post using stainless self-tapping screws. Terminals soldered to the ends of the wires are held with bolts which go into threaded holes in the brass angle. The bolts are long enough to provide fixings for the interconnecting coax which gets added later.