Welcome to Karinya - the Website of Steve & Betsy Hunt. Why "Karinya" - well that is the name of our bungalow situated in a small village in South Northamptonshire, England. The name "Karinya" is Aboriginal and means 'happy home'.


We have two children: Naomi, who works for Forever Hounds Trust and lives with her husband Ben in Middleton Cheney near Banbury; and Jonathan, who lives with his wife Nicola in Irthlingborough. We have five grandchildren: Jonathan and Nicola's children Robert, Christopher, Daniel and Felicia; and Naomi and Ben's daughter Willow. Here we all are on Father's Day 2017 - excluding Felicia who was having a nap!

We designed our bungalow during the winter of 2003/2004 and began construction in October 2004; we moved in almost exactly 12 months later. It was built in part of the garden of our old family home - you can see photos of the construction work here.

Steve is now retired and is a keen Amateur radio enthusiast. He holds the callsign G3TXQ, and much of this website is devoted to various technical aspects of the hobby, particularly an antenna called the HexBeam. Over the years we have owned makes makes of car, but Minis have been a particular passion which you can also read about here.

Betsy is a keen gardener and preserve maker. She sells some of her produce at a local Country Market and some for charity. We are both long-standing members of the village Baptist Church. We are also interested in local history and are members of the Milton Malsor Historical Society

Steve was diagnosed with metastatic stage-4 Prostate Cancer in February 2016. He is keeping a diary of the challenging journey we are on, which may be of some help and encouragement to others who are facing a similar situation.

We hope you will find something to interest you on our site.