Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - Malta 40 QRP CW Transceiver

Malta 40 Radio Malta 40 Radio

This QRP transceiver design was inspired by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT's, article in the January 1988 issue of Ham Radio magazine - you can see a photograph of Rick's transceiver on page 23 of the G-QRP-Club Sprat magazine Issue 64. My 40m transceiver fits comfortably into the same sized box - about 4"x4"x2" - but has improved receiver performance.

The name came about because I built the transceiver ready for a holiday trip to Malta. Imagine the fun operating QRP CW from the side of the swimming pool, with a 40m dipole strung up in the trees surrounding the holiday villa; not ony that, but Malta was a rare enough island that folk were calling me rather than the other way round!

A circuit schematic, pcb layout, component layout, parts list, and alignment details are available here in an information leaflet which I made available to Sprat readers. Please note that this transceiver was designed in 1993/94 and some of the components and parts suppliers listed may no longer be available.

Finally, here's a photograph of a matching Tuner which contains a 50 ohm dummy load, an SWR bridge and an L-match tuner.

Malta 40 Radio