Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - Equipment Sale

Serious illness forces shack clearance. Click on the photos for larger versions.Equipment must be collected from the Northampton area - I have no way to pack or deliver items.

Ten-Tec HerculesII Linear amplifier and PSU

Ten-Tec Model 420 solid state linear amplifier, 1.6-30MHz at 500/600W output for 65/80W drive. Matching Model 9420 power supply provides 14v at 100A for the amplifier and exciter. Full QSK operation and automatic band changing when used with Ten-Tec Omni transceivers.

User Manual


Telewave 44L1 wattmeter

Like a Bird 43 but no need for expensive slugs. This is the rare L1 version which covers 2-200MHz. Power ranges 5W/15W/50W/150W/500W. With N-type connectors and -40dB sampling port.

User Manual


Hameg HM1005 Oscilloscope

100MHz bandwidth, three channels, with delayed timebase.

User Manual


Hameg HM8028 Spectrum Analyser and HM8038 Tracking Generator

Model HM8028 and HM8038 plug-ins with HM8001 mainframe/PSU. Uses an oscilloscope as the display to form a complete 0.5-500MHz Spectrum Analyser/Tracking Generator combination. User Manual


Hameg HM8018 LC meter and HM8030 Function generator

Model HM8018 and HM8030 plug-ins with HM8001 mainframe/PSU. HM8018 measures Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance. Ranges 200pF-200uF, 200uH-200H. HM8030 provides square-wave, triangular-wave and sine-wave up to 2MHz.


Hameg HM8011 Digital multimeter and HM8021-4 Frequency counter

Model HM8011 digital multimeter and HM8021-4 1.6GHz frequency counter with HM8001 mainframe/PSU.

HM8021-4 Manual

HM8011-3 Manual


Complete Hameg test/measurement station

All of the above: HM1005, HM8028, HM8038, HM8018, HM8030, HM8011 & HM8021-4 together with three mainfame units.


LP100 Digital Vector RF Wattmeter

LP100 Digital Vector RF Wattmeter. Measures 50mW to 2500W, autoranging, from 1.8-54MHz User Manual


Array Solutions AIM4170C

Array Solutions AIM4170C Antenna Vector analyser in presentation/carrying case with Short/Open/Load calibration 5kHz-180MHz. User Manual


Marconi TF2163S UHF attenuator

Marconi TF2163S precision UHF attenuator, DC-1GHz, 0-122dB in 1dB steps, with Type-N connectors; includes protective lid.


Elecraft K1 QRP CW Transceiver

Elecraft K1 HF QRP CW Transceiver including KFL1-2 two band module, KFL1-4 four band module, KAT1 Automatic antenna tuner, KBT1 internal battery pack, and KTS1 wide range tilt stand. User Manual


MFJ-853H Clamp-on current meter

MFJ-853H Clamp-on current meter with 3A, 10A and 30A ranges. User Manual


Ten-Tec 238 tuner

Ten-Tec 238 tuner, rated 2kW. Single-ended and unbalanced outputs User Manual

Price:£150 SOLD

Palstar BT1500A

Palstar BT1500A Balanced antenna tuner 1.5kW. User Manual

Price:£350 SOLD

Palstar ZM30

Palstar ZM30 Digital Antenna Analyser with ZM30-BT Balanced Transformer Adapter and 50/274 Ohm calibration loads. User Manual

Price:£100 SOLD

Ten-Tec 563 OmniVI HF Transceiver

Ten-Tec 563 OmniVI HF transceiver with matching 960 PSU/Speaker. One of the best analogue radios ever made. Fully loaded with filters. User Manual

Price:£350 SOLD

Bird 43 Wattmeter with 5 slugs

Bird 43 Wattmeter in excellent condition with carrying case and 5 slugs: 100W/2-30MHz, 5W/100-250MHz, 50W/100-250MHz, 5W/400-1000MHz, 25W/400-1000MHz. Meter has Type-N connectors.

Price:£150 SOLD