Bungalow construction - Sewer problem

Sewer excavated Pipe problem

Although the distance from the bungalow to the village street made it difficult (and expensive) to bring in most of the utilities, we expected the sewerage connection to be straightforward; the main public sewer ran across the plot not far from the bungalow. However our groundwork contractor made a mess of the connection - leaving cement on the inside of the public sewer just upstream of our connection. The first we were aware of a problem was when our "upstream" neighbour's drive was flooded with raw sewage after a thunderstorm because of a blockage at our junction! We held off putting down our final tarmac "wearing coat" until the problem was fixed because we didn't want to end up with a "patch" in the drive ........ little did we know!

Sewer section removed New section in place

We chose a different contractor to do the remedial work - this time one approved by the local water authority. They opened up the sewer again and put in pre-formed Y junction on rubber gaiters. Confident that all was now well, we completed the tarmac' work ........

Unsightly patch in drive

............... only to discover that the junction had "dropped". We had to redo the connection leaving us with this unsightly patch in the drive!