Bungalow construction - Basework

Garage slab

The base for the garage is a reinforced concrete slab. We couldn't get a mixconcrete lorry on-site, so our groundwork contractor, John, had to ferry load after load in his dumper truck from the village street up to the site.

Beam delivery Beam unloading

Thursday 11th November 2004 a lorry arrived with the concrete beams for the "beam and block" base of the bungalow. Again access was very difficult, so we hired a self-drive flat-bed Transit for the day on which to carry them from the lorry to the site. The beams just about balanced on the back of it! Not sure whether the Transit's suspension was meant to take this sort of weight, but it survived.

Beam and block floor Driveway

This is how the base of the bungalow looked with most of the beams and blocks in place. For the first time we got a real impression of how big the floor area is. By this stage we'd "patched up" the driveway as best we could, and nothing more was done to it until it got new tarmac at the end of the project. We're very fortunate to have such understanding neighbours!